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Are the Things in a Pawn Shop Authentic? Tips to Test the Authenticity

What are your first thoughts when you think about buying or selling a piece of jewelry? Let us guess,

I’ll have to pay a hefty price for a reputable jewelry store!

Well, let’s face the fact together. To buy or sell or pawn jewelry, it is always wise to visit a pawn shop first.  

Although pawnshops have had a shabby image in the past, today the business is authentic and can give you a safe buying, selling, or pawning experience if you are alerted and have done your homework.

Today through this blog, we will give you a few tips to test the authenticity of a Pawnshop. But before that, let us convince you with 5 reasons why buying or selling jewelry from a pawnshop is a wise choice.

Five Reasons Why You Should Buy Jewelry at a Pawnshop

Whether you are searching for an engagement ring, a wedding ring, a necklace, or for that matter any gold, silver, or diamond jewelry, visiting your nearby pawnshop jewelry store is the best choice you would make. Here are five reasons why:

The Jewelry at a Pawn Shop is Affordable

Jewelry shops offer large discounts of up to 60% during the sales season every year. Have you ever wondered how? Let us elaborate.

On a day-to-day basis, reputable jewelry store owner sells their jewelry at huge margins. Even during the sales season, they just cut down their margins, but still earn profits from the bulk sale. Meanwhile, the jewelry at a pawn shop is sold at a lower margin and is affordable.

You Can Secure/Book a Piece of Jewelry.

At a jewelry store, you may not be able to book jewelry at the regular price, but some pawn shops provide you with a layover program.

In a layover program, you can book jewelry and decide a time period in which you can pay the sum in installments. Once the installments are completed, you can take your jewelry home.

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At a Pawn Shop, You Can Select Your Favorites from a Wide Range

Most jewelry shops only sell recent in-trend jewelry, while on the other hand, you can find a wide range of gold, silver, or diamond jewelry.

From one-of-a-kind vintage jewelry to some recent in-trend jewelry, you can find a wide collection easily in the inventory of the pawn shop.

You Can Customize Your Jewelry at a Pawn Shop.

Most reputable jewelry stores sell in-trend designs and only have the option of resizing in the name of customization. On the other hand, pawn shops such as Parker Pawn & Jewelry have in-house experts to customize your jewelry your way.

Pawn shops are versatile.

Both a jewelry shop and a pawn shop sell and buy jewelry, but pawn shops are versatile. A jewelry store may only sell or buy your jewelry, while at a pawn shop you can get the option of pawning.

At a pawn shop, you can simply bring your jewelry, submit it as collateral, and take cash. Later, once you pay back the money, you can simply take the jewelry back.

How to Test the Authenticity of a Pawn Shop

Although Pawn Shops are a growing and reputable business, you can still be robbed if you are not cautious. If you cannot determine whether the pawn shop is authentic, you may face unwanted fraud and be taken for your jewelry and money!

Now that you know the reasons why it is wiser to visit a pawn shop than a reputed jewelry store, let’s hop on to how to test the authenticity of a pawn shop. Here are five tips:

Know How a Pawn Shop Works. 

Pawning has been around forever! However, if you have just discovered the business of pawning, it may take time for you to understand the procedure. Let us simplify it for you. Pawning is a process by which you loan cash against a gently used item. You get money as per the value of your collateral. Your pawnbroker owns the possession of your item, and if you fail to fulfill the loan within a given time period, your pawnbroker owns all the right to sell the item. However, once you fulfill your loan, you can take back your belongings and use it the way you want.

Being familiar with the process of pawning before entering a pawn shop for the first time can ensure that you do not become easy to fool and play around with. Hence, it is important to know how a pawn shop works.

Check Out the Social Reviews. 

Knowing whether your local pawnshop has good social reviews can be vital for your pawning health! If you know that the pawnbroker has a reputable business and is an expert in buying, selling, or pawning, you can trust that the jewelry you buy will be authentic.

Check Out the Certifications of the Pawn Shop.

Before buying, selling, or pawning jewelry at a new pawn shop, always ensure your pawnbroker is certified to do what he/she does. Certifications are a guarantee that the jewelry or any other item at the shop is authentic and thoroughly checked.

Thoroughly Observe the Inspection Process.

Always remember, a pawnshop is not a theft market. Even pawnbrokers buy valuables at a certain price. Hence, it is obvious for them to thoroughly check and inspect the goods you bring for pawning or selling. Moreover, if the pawnbroker does not do thorough checkups and seems clueless about the authenticity of your product, be wary!

Trust Your Instincts.

Even if all the criteria above are fulfilled, and you feel something about your pawn shop is not right, just leave the shop and look for what you need somewhere else. Pawning is a business where you keep your values as collateral. If you cannot feel your jewelry or other valuables are done justice with the price, just leave the place.

Summing Up

Buying, selling, or pawning is a great deal. In all three cases, you are keeping your valuables at stake. Thus, it is always important to test and rely on the most trustworthy pawnbrokers.

If you are looking forward to visiting an authentic, reliable, and certified pawn shop in Fayetteville, North Carolina, then we invite you to visit the Parker Loan &Jewelry once.

The store is home to all types of valuables, from wristwatches to musical instruments. From handbags to jewelry.

We believe in providing the right price for everything to our consumers, because Parker Pawn & Jewelry is not just a business, It’s Our Family, Helping Yours!


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