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Gold Coins and bars

Gold & Silver Bullion

We buy gold and silver at all three of our locations. We have a certified goldsmith on staff to help with your transaction. We offer the most % on spot price (market price).
No Deal is Too Big For Us. We provide free consultations for the value of your precious metals. The current value of gold is always publicly available, so it is important to educate yourself on how much you can expect to receive for your gold or silver. Knowing the weight of your precious metals and the current market value, you can estimate how much your gold or silver is worth.

It is important to remember that the value of gold is based on its purity. In the simplest of terms think of 24K gold and look at it as a pizza that has been cut into 24 equal pieces. If you take two pieces away, you are left with 22K gold. If you take 6 pieces away, you are left with 18K gold.

Gold & Silver Coins

If you have an 18K gold coin, it means there are only 18 pieces of pure gold, or it is 75 percent pure gold. If the current value of pure gold was $1,100 per ounce, then your 18K gold coin would only be worth 75 percent of $1,100 per ounce, which is $825 per ounce. If your gold coin contained two ounces of pure gold, then it would be valued at $1,650.

If your coin is authentic NGC and PCGS graded already, we can make an instant cash offer after inspection. Depending on the type of coin and the mint will determine a higher or lower % to market price.

Parker Pawn & Jewelry

Parker Pawn & Jewelry is the place for one to be if they are looking to sell gold in Fayetteville. We are the leading pawn shop in the region, offering not just a hassle-free selling process but reasonable prices on their offerings as well. We ensure you effortlessly sell gold in Fayetteville at the best prices.

It is effortless; one only needs to connect with Parker Pawn & Jewelry to get a reasonable price for their gold and silver bullion. We have a certified goldsmith on the staff that will quickly verify the authenticity and purity of the metal within a few minutes.