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The Distinguishing Beauty of Floating Diamonds Necklace or Diamonds In Jewelry

The Distinguishing Beauty of Floating Diamonds Necklace or Diamonds In Jewelry

We all have fantasized about being draped in diamonds. Diamonds are shown as a statement of sophistication and wealth. We have all seen celebrities wearing spectacular floating diamond necklaces or jewelry.

Gloria Stuart, star of “Titanic,” wears the breathtaking 20 million dollars 15-carat blue diamond floating necklace.

If you are reading this and have no idea who Gloria Stuart is, take a moment and watch the movie. Generation Z readers Google her.  The film is the definition of a true love story and forbidden love. We all think of engagement as the start of life and true love. There is a forbidden fruit knowing you are waiting for your marriage ceremony to start your lives together, explore new adventures, and determine how to invest your time, feelings, and money.

The diamond ring symbolizes finding our person and the degree of their love for us.

Realistically not everyone can afford millions of dollars in diamonds like the necklace worn by Gloria Stuart. You will experience a good feeling fantasizing about the shape, style, and total carat size of the fine jewelry you will receive. Having that moment amongst our group of friends, right?

Holding your hand as the love of your life gently envelopes your “love finger” with the diamond ring chosen for you. You think about the investment to get you the perfect floating diamond ring.

Oh, the sparkle that comes off that diamond ring. They are getting to see the faces of everyone and showing them that someone chose them over all others to spend the rest of their life with.

We all know receiving an engagement ring is a massive boost in confidence but owning fine jewelry is every women’s or man’s dream. The perfect fine jewelry collection doesn’t have to be only accomplished during a proposal.

Birthdays, holidays, special occasions, and announcements that give fine jewelry show a statement of love and gratitude for that special person. Romance is a must in every relationship, and floating diamond necklaces are romantic and sexy.

From Another Angle – A Floating Diamond Necklace is More Than Jewelry

Yes, ladies, men fantasize about us more than you think. Even if it’s us dressed in a little black dress wearing a floating diamond necklace and spectacular diamond ring, the fantasizing of us in nothing but those diamonds and gold jewelry doesn’t shout romance; I don’t know what else will.

Onlookers see beauty, sophistication, elegance, and style when they see you walking through a room with a simple gold pendant with a ruby gemstone or a vibrant and bold Rolex.

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Diamonds – Their Sparkling History

Young generations should take time to look into the history of diamonds. You can easily spend hours discovering fascinating facts about diamonds. After gathering the history of diamonds, it is time to make your first purchase or pick a new piece. Maybe you are so taken with the history you decide you want to work with a jeweler to create your complete diamond set to measure your debt of knowledge and expertise. This would be something to discuss with our colleagues when you are at dinner or during the break at a business meeting.

A diamond’s intrinsic value dates back to Roman beliefs that Cupid’s arrows were tipped with diamonds. This is believed to be the earliest association with diamonds and love, and Whomever the arrows made contact with fell in love.

The ancient Romans and Greeks believed that diamonds were tears cried by the gods, and Diamond stones are talked about in the Bible. Diamonds come from the Greek word “Adams,” which means invincible or indestructible.

The meaning isn’t surprising since diamonds are the hardest natural substance on earth.

Diamonds are linked to royalty and mythical beings. The largest diamond ever discovered was the Cullinan diamond the weight of 3106 carats came from a South African farmer. Can you imagine what it would be like to find such a huge diamond on your farm? After the farmer found the diamond, the African leaders gave it to King Edward.

The history of the engagement ring began in 1215. Pope Innocent Third was among the most influential popes of the middle ages. He declared a waiting period between betrothal and the marriage ceremony. It was mandated that all marriage ceremonies be held in a church. The emerald diamond cut is one of the most timeless and elegant cuts. Engagements were a time of waiting and a time to request a bride’s hand in marriage.

It doesn’t matter what country you are in; diamonds date so far back in history that they will always hold significance. Diamonds are not only delicate, given as gifts, or used for everyday wear; a diamond is an excellent topic for discussion no matter where you travel or live.

Diamonds have always been a part of history and forever will be. The style of your floating diamond necklace, the look of your engagement ring, and the delicate presentation of your bracelet with a lobster clasp for security will create conversation at the office.

Birthstone Diamond

Diamonds are the anniversary gemstone for the 10th and 60th years of marriage. First, you receive a beautiful white gold set diamond engagement ring, and then you get to look forward to a diamond for your 10th anniversary and then your 60th. Diamonds are a test in time and durable.

If you are born in April, what can I say? You are lucky? Diamonds are the official birthstone of April. So if you are born in April, you are naturally born with sophistication and elegance.

April birthday gifts may be a bit more expensive as someone in your life is shopping for you, and the price tag will be a bit higher. Why? Because diamonds don’t come cheap. If they are taking the time to buy you a diamond necklace or a diamond gemstone combination to fit your style, the cost may be an investment.

If your birthday is in April, your birthdate is linked to Romans and Cupid’s arrow. This might be expensive for parents’ and grandparents’ pocketbooks when buying a necklace or your first set of diamond earrings, or the perfect gift with the exact total carat weight that measures your years in age.

April babies are born leaders because the children born during this month are said to be strong and have a remarkable ability to handle extreme pressure. Thus diamonds are the perfect gemstones for the month because that is how diamonds are made under extreme temperatures and pressure.

Romans and Greeks believe your birthstone that diamonds are tears cried by gods. Because of this, April-born brides may only accept an engagement ring derived from a gemstone set in white gold that was achieved under extreme temperatures and pressure – the diamond. The detail of a diamond engagement set is vast, and learning about diamonds is an investment in time that will pay off.

Diamonds have unique individual details, and each detail makes the complete piece of jewelry appears exquisite. Every penny spent on a diamond, a floating diamond, a diamond pendant, and a diamond ring set in a precious metal like white gold will complement your unique features as an April baby.

Diamonds are Jewels that Create a Moment of Awe When Coupled Together with Other Gemstones

diamond and gold

Rubies are beautiful and royal on their own or when set alongside a diamond. The combination of rubies and diamonds is a beloved one and has been popular for a long time. During ancient times when the silk road or silk route was used to link China and the West together so that the two countries could trade goods, silk went westward, and gold, silver, and wool went east. Rubies were used for trading goods. The elegance of the colorless diamond emphasizes the fire of red ruby.

Diamonds can be worn with semiprecious stones like pearls. The semiprecious stones have a softer look but combined with diamonds, the jewelry’s details are very feminine.

diamond, pearls, gold

Pearls are fun to wear and elegant. Pearls worn with a small pair of diamond stud earrings create a dazzling combination that works. The simple elegance of the pearl compliments the glamorous lure of the diamonds.

diamond anklet

Blue sapphire gemstones combined with white diamonds are not only popular but are intense. The deep blue of the sapphires uniquely illustrates the sparkling diamonds and their brilliance. The combination is stunning. You will need a blue sapphire gemstone and diamond ring in your collection.



Are There Only Floating Diamond Fine Jewelry or Other Gemstones Set Like a Floating Diamond?

A floating setting is described as a diamond or gemstone suspended within the setting. Because of the way the setting is made without using numerous prongs or channels, the gemstone appears to float.

The floating diamond or gemstones appear simple, elegant, can be used for everyday wear, and are dazzling.

Many different types of floating diamond necklaces and other gemstones are used with the floating setting. The way the stone is set makes it appear prominent as a center stone. It looks to be free. In rings, the diamond or gemstone appears to be “set away” from the metal used in the piece of jewelry. It is “afloat.”

Sapphires, rubies, diamonds, topaz, and aquamarine all make beautiful pieces. Many dazzling pieces can be created depending on the different precious metals used.


Let’s talk about different kinds of gold

Yellow Gold

Gold is a precious metal. There is white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. Gold was used to show wealth, prosperity, and status in society. Depending on the number of pieces you owned or wore in the community, communicate your worth.

Pure gold is 99% pure and noted as 24k. It is a soft, pliable material that can easily bend out of shape. Normally pure gold isn’t used for jewelry because it does bend. It is used for bullion and coins.

Gold is mixed with other metal alloys to help give the metal durability and strength. It is bright yellow; the color is affected depending on the alloys used.

santa and gift giving diamonds

White Gold

White gold is 10k, 14k, and 18k. Depending on the percentage of gold to alloy combination will affect the durability and strength as well as the color of the gold. Gold – alloy combinations still contain gold. For example, 14k white gold contains 58.5% pure gold, and the other part is different alloys like zinc, nickel, manganese, silver, platinum, or palladium.

If you’re just learning the gold business, here is a simple, easy-to-understand explanation. The number next to the k on your jewelry represents the percentage of pure gold in your piece of jewelry. The difference is the percentage of alloy metals mixed into gold for its durability. An example is 9k or 18k. Nine karat gold contains 37.5 %pure gold, and 18 karat gold contains 75% pure gold.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is gold with an alloy made from a combination of pure gold and copper. Blending those metals is how those spectacular pieces of rose gold are created, and the combination gives the gold a “Rosey” look. The most common pieces are 75 percent pure gold to 25 percent copper. Rose gold holds its value. It’s the most recognizable gold worldwide. It is indeed an investment.

Can rose gold be Spiritual, you ask?

Gold is illuminating and Scared. It’s associated with the sun. It’s associated with the highest state of spiritual development. During the middle ages, diamonds were thought to have healing properties to cure fatigue and mental illness.

Rose gold for 2022-2023

Rose gold is definitely going to be the must-have in 2022-2023. Break out your 80s and 90s vintage fine jewelry and decide if you like it. If not, sell it to buy what you want.

This is how investments pay off. You buy at a lower price, wait for prices to go up, and then sell for a profit.

Those distinguishing designs used with rose gold are back. Jewelry is about excitement and maximizing your wardrobe. Fashion Designers know the feel-good feeling we all get from perfect jewelry pieces. Rose gold boosts your style and natural essence of elegance. Because of its notability and as a retro style, you can walk the streets of San Francisco knowing you stand out.

Put away your sweats; it’s about dressing up again. Jewelry shopping is nature’s natural “dopamine.” It’s that happy, feel-good feeling and therapy we all sometimes need. Then when you can walk down the street and ask where you shop style, you can smile, knowing that you’ve invested your time in creating a stellar piece with a jeweler.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is the season’s jewelry; its Pink-hued is timeless.

Rose gold is easily classic, and it’s trending this season. Its architectural design is to be admired. In the 1980s, jewelry was bold and bright but without losing elegance and sophistication. Pearls, gems, and gold dominated the look throughout the past decade. From oversize earrings to huge beaded necklaces and neon bracelets, the 80s trends were more about expressing individuality. Rose gold is delicate and individually determined if it is a precious metal for you.

What is the Hallmark showing on your Jewelry?


A Hallmark is a symbol stamped on the side of a piece of fine jewelry; it identifies as certified and authentic. This is by the strict standards of the Government Assay Offices.


You have alloys mixed in your pieces of gold jewelry, but your white gold and gold jewelry are additionally coated with rhodium, a precious metal.

Rhodium comes from the same metal family as platinum. It is a whitish-silver metallic element. Your white gold can start looking yellow over time. With wear or overwear, the yellow gold will show through. Your body’s PH level can affect your fine gold jewelry. Making sure you remove your gold jewelry, diamonds, and diamond rings before you use any chemicals is a must. This just makes sense when you are taking steps to protect your white gold.

Gold is an investment, and taking proper precautions is necessary to keep your gold looking good. If you notice the yellow showing through, you can get your fine jewelry re-coated with rhodium. The cost can vary depending upon who you choose to go to. The average repair starts at about $ 25.00.

Gold Facts

Who holds the largest gold reserves in the world for gold?

The United States, with 8,133.5 tons
Germany, with 3,359.8 tons
Italy with 2,451.8
France with 2,436.5
Russia with 2,301.6

Which bank has the most gold?

As of December of 2020 United States held the largest gold reserve. The Central Bank of the United States has approximately 8,133.54 metric tons of gold.

The price of gold is set by banks, oversight committees, and panels of internal and external chair members. Gold prices are directly related to supply and demand. The spot price of gold is the cost to buy gold on the spot. It varies day to day and throughout the day.

Gold prices tend to rise when investors worry about the economy. August 1, 2022 gold prices climbed from $ 1,788 to $ 1,753 an ounce. When gold was at its highest price recorded on August 7, 2022, at $ 2,074.88. Gold price per ounce is $ 1,725.75, gold per gram is $ 55.48, and kilo is $ 55 484.15.

Pure gold is the most expensive. In the ’90s, gold lost its popularity. It was considered dated and old-fashioned. This made a decline in the demand for gold jewelry. It’s told the Emirate of Dubai, UAE is the best place to buy pure gold. The market will always have its ups and downs, but it’s a great investment.

Gold Jewelry Consumption of the World

The first rank is India at 136.6
The second rank is China at 132.1
The third rank is the United States at 34.8
Forth rank is UAE at 11.5

Gold Investment

Gold Jewelry, is it worth the investment? Is Buying a Floating Diamond Necklace Worth the Price?

With the demand for gold, your gold jewelry purchases are an investment. Diamond and gold will always be worth something. If you have gold, diamonds, or gemstones from broken jewelry, you can sell them as scrap jewelry to buy new, trendy pieces.

diamond necklace

The Blue Nile Signature Floating Diamond Necklace has a special offer for US$33,000. The necklace presents classic elegance. It is made of platinum and showcases a 1.75-carat brilliant Blue Nile Signature Ideal Cut round diamond set in a contemporary floating bail design with a luxurious adjustable length chain. Its versatile style to celebrate every day or the most special of occasions. It can be used for everyday wear.

People want what they see in advertisements and what they see in the media. Marketing and advertising are huge in conditioning people to want different things, even gold jewelry. Looking at your purchases as an investment as you continue shopping for the perfect piece is important. Being informed about what investments hold value and knowing the details about the time needed to get a return on your investment is important. Gold and diamond jewelry may be an option.

Different name-brand jewelry stores and chains have spent the time and effort needed to get consumers to notice their brands and achieve brand loyalty. This doesn’t necessarily mean that what is being sold is a good investment. So do your homework.

The alluring floating diamond ring and necklace can be quickly found in online shops and name-brand brick-and-mortar stores. Did you know they can also be found on eBay and in a pawnshop?

The floating diamond was advertised as being a ring or necklace where the center diamond stone didn’t have a prong and appeared to be floating against the skin without any interference. There are special offers on floating diamond jewelry if you decide to invest your money in a new piece of fine jewelry. Maybe investing your time and money in a pre-worn style is the way to start your collection.

Parker Pawn & Jewelry

Pawn Shops for Investing

You want to shop for gently worn jewelry as an investment. There are pawn shops with large inventories of fine jewelry and collections that sellers have sold to them to liquidate estates.

When you think about shopping for the perfect jewelry piece for your loved one, it’s an investment. Buying the perfect floating diamond necklace for yourself is an investment in time, money, and you. And you are worth it.

Investing provides something that will eventually be worth money should you decide to resell it. Investing provides you with something that gives you pleasure and worth. Investing in fine diamonds and gold and diamond jewelry is an investment for the future.

It doesn’t matter anyone’s status in society; you can start investing from anywhere. There is always a market for gold and diamonds. Knowing your market, shopping for special offers, and establishing a trusting relationship with the place you do business is part of the process.

Searching for pawn shops in your area can attract some candidates. Your browser will return top-ranking sites. But know your stores before engaging in buying, selling, or pawning gold, gold jewelry, diamonds, or other valuable items.

Pawn shops have experts available to appraise and value all gold, diamonds, sterling silver, a ruby pendant, floating diamond necklaces, or engagement rings that come into their stores. The employees in the shops take time each day to review the gold market and stay current on styles and fashions that are selling well.

Pawn shops have the ability to make offers to customers wanting to liquidate older jewelry, precious metals, and diamonds for pennies under market value providing shoppers with retail items that cost less than on the designer resale market. This makes owning a floating diamond necklace within your reach.

If you living in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Ft Bragg, and Spring Lake, North Carolina. you will want to visit Parker Pawn Shop. The company has three conveniently located pawn shops, and they have experts who have a vast knowledge of diamonds and gold. They will always have answers about diamonds, precious metals, other jewelry stores, and various metal shops that advertise they buy and sell precious metals.

logo Parker Pawn & Jewelry

Parker Pawn and Jewelry

Parker Pawn and Jewelry is a full-service pawn experience. The experts in the shops provide buying, selling, and pawning of diamonds, gold, sterling silver, and other carefully crafted fine jewelry easy.

They have a great selection of fine jewelry for sale. If you need to know the weight of a carat, Parker Pawnshops can answer those questions and test all precious metals.

Walk in any one of their shops, and the wow flash you get from the round brilliant cut floating diamond ring you spot in one of the showcases will make you want to start your jewelry collection. They will have it if you want to buy a gift for a special someone, an engagement ring, or even a particular fine jewelry pendant.

The benefits of shopping in the pawn shop are you will save money on gently worn jewelry; you will meet experts who can give you an honest answer to your questions about investing, and you can expect quality customer service with every interaction you make. They have a full-service website that makes it easy to shop from home, and their employees are happy to answer all your questions.

They have a subscription deals program, email campaigns, and opt-in programs that allow you to receive discounts through the months on various high-end products. For the store, it doesn’t matter if you are looking for a round diamond, name-brand tool, or designer handbag; they will have what you need.


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