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Diamond Bezel Necklace – The Missing Piece

Shel Silverstein

Born in 1930 and dying when he was 65 years old, Shel Silverstein was most known for his children’s books. One book was The Missing Piece.

Silverstein began drawing when he was seven years old and developed his style through his teenage years. First published by the Roosevelt Torch and published The Missing Piece in 1976. The circular shape character is missing a wedge-shaped piece of itself. 

Is a diamond necklace your missing piece?

Luxury brands

The circle sets out to find its missing piece, singing:

Oh, I’m lookin’ for my missin’ piece
I’m lookin’ for my missin’ piece
Hi-dee-ho, here I go
lookin’ for my missin’ piece

The circular shape starts on a grand adventure, searching for the perfect piece to complete itself. The circular shape enjoys the company of a worm and a butterfly along his adventure. The little character decides it was happier when searching for the missing piece than actually having it. So it gently puts the piece down and continues searching happily.

How does this story relate to shopping at a pawn shop for a diamond bezel necklace or a designer handbag?

Searching for the perfect piece of jewelry, a pre-owned luxury handbag, or a designer watch like a Rolex with all of its details is an adventure. Finding a delicate diamond bezel necklace, a luxury watch perfect for any occasion, or a loose diamond with an exquisite sparkle can’t help but put a smile on the searcher’s face.

Once found, you may, as a searcher, find that you have things to liquidate so you can branch out onto another adventure to search for the missing piece in your collection or jewelry box.

Starting out to visit a local pawn shop to find a gift, a ring, a gold chain, a necklace with such beauty that the details are unexplainable sets in place the poem “I’m looking for my missin’ piece.”

When you arrive at the pawnshop, many other things catch your eye, like brand-name electronics and a gemstone bracelet that is so dainty and pretty you think you may need to purchase it.

You keep on task and know your adventure is to find a perfect diamond bezel necklace.

Silver Jewelry

Diamond bezel necklace

The metal bezel setting entirely surrounds the gemstone or diamond in a bezel set piece of jewelry. This is true for the diamond bezel necklace, and Diamond bezel necklaces are considered a piece of fine jewelry. The arch of precious metals used in the setting secures the center stone, a diamond, and encases the diamond while overlapping its edges.

The bezel setting is one of the securest settings available, making it a choice for everyday wear. All types of gemstones can be set in bezel settings and look gorgeous. Similar styles include a prong setting. A prong setting is designed to show as much of the diamond or gemstone as possible. The setting allows the maximum light to enter and exit the diamond. This makes for more brilliance and fire than is usual in a bezel setting but shows the diamond like a bezel setting, which is a secure setting.

diamond necklace

There are different types of bezel settings:

Full bezel setting: A secure hold is achieved by wrapping the precious metal rim around the stone.

Partial bezel setting: The precious metal setting only partially surrounds the center stone, allowing some light passthrough and return.

Split-bezel setting: The stone is set in an almost full bezel with section splits.

High-set bezel setting: To help with prominence, the stone in the bezel setting is set high against the band.

Low-profile bezel setting: The center stone or gemstone is set flush. The point of the stone within the ring and the margins stone are surrounded by the band.

Plain bezel setting: A rim of precious metal s surrounding the center stone.

Fancy bezel setting: There can be a halo, milgrain detailing, or side stones to accent the bezel-set center stone.

Luxury Watches

Oh, I’m lookin’ for my missin’ piece
I’m lookin’ for my missin’ piece
Hi-dee-ho, here I go

Pawn shops ensure that whatever the agreement to buy, sell, or pawn against has the highest quality materials and is in good working order. Regarding luxury watches like Rolex and handbags, pawn shops will inquire if the items they bring in have an original box, bag, or certifications. They will take these items in exchange for a higher offer to the customer.


Gold items bring higher offers and also sell for more depending on the current spot price. Today the spot price of gold is $1744.95, which is lower than what gold was selling for in Spring 2022. When you are searching for your missing piece, you might find that once you find it, like the character in the poem, you might find that going on a grand adventure to search for your missing piece to complete your collection or yourself may not be as enjoyable as just the searching.

If this is true, maybe you should consider liquidating some of your gold, diamond, gemstones, or precious metals, so you have money to embark on a journey to search for another missing piece.

Evaluate your recent searches for high-quality materials found in luxury brands. Solid gold is exquisite, but maybe gemstones like sapphire gemstone or ruby are more satisfying than diamonds to you as a searcher. Jewelry is personal, and it holds a desire for the person searching for it, and your wish will be different than someone else’s. Once purchased, your bright smile will determine the degree of value in finding the missing piece to your jewelry accessories.

Pawn shops lend themselves to total savings, which can help but add to your satisfaction. If you are visiting a pawn shop in person, you don’t have to concern yourself with shipping, and you can touch, wear, and “experience” your find in full detail. The information collected from the pawnbroker about your discovery may add to the measure of satisfaction you experience from your journey.

Parker Pawn Quick Cash

Let’s Talk About Parker Pawn and Jewelry: “I’m searching for my missing piece.”

Parker Pawn has three locations in or around Fayetteville, NC, providing pawn broker services to the surrounding communities of Fort Bragg, Spring Lake, Hope Mills, Laurinburg, Goldsboro, Pinehurst, and Sanford, NC.

With style, products with the highest quality materials, and a store to enjoy and frequent, Parker Pawn and Jewelry is the place to shop for your missing piece. If it is Mother’s Day, they have a gift. If it is a diamond engagement ring with a bezel setting, they will have it, or maybe you are looking for a bezel necklace for yourself; look no more.

With the excellent quality of electronics, name-brand tools, high-end watches, luxury purses, designer jewelry, full carat weight diamonds, and other exemplary products in stock, you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Prices at Parker Pawn and Jewelry are affordable. On their online shop, they include several and create an image of each item they have for sale, so you know what you want to purchase. They do ship and are excited when their clients buy gifts.

Pre-Owned Tools

Shel Silverstein wrote;

Oh, I’m lookin’ for my missin’ piece
I’m lookin’ for my missin’ piece
Hi-dee-ho, here I go
lookin’ for my missin’ piece

Parker Pawn wants to become a part of your routine journey to discover what you want, need, and desire. They are excited to have a place in your journey or the discovery that searching is half the fun.



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