Where Can I Buy, Sell, Pawn Sneakers “Kicks” In Fayetteville, NC?

Chase Reed founded the first Sneaker Pawn Shop with his father Troy Reed. At 16 years old, he and his father opened a pawn shop exclusively for sneakers. They advertised on social media platforms and share their inventory to sneaker fans around the world.

According to Complex, the business was not what it said. Chase said he sold his personal 200-pair collection to open a sneaker pawn shop. However, employees said the story was fronted by Chase’s dad, Troy Reed, to put his 16-year-olds face to the business. An ex-business partner Damon Taylor claimed the sneakers were not Chase’s, and that he was just used to give the shop a younger presence. 

So if it is not Sneaker Pawn Shop, where do you buy, sell, and pawn sneakers?

The Slang Word ‘Kicks’ is for Sneakers

Possibly evolving from the expression ‘kick off your shoes’ as an expression to take off your shoes without using your hands.



A ‘sneakerhead’ is a person who collects shoes or sneakers, and their focus is typically on more trendy shoes.

These folks are willing to stand in long lines; you know, the ones that wrap around buildings to buy an exclusive sneaker like a Jordan or LeBron. They will travel to the ends of the earth, reaching deep into their cash reserves to score a one-of-a-kind exclusive brand.

If you look in a sneakerhead’s closet, there will be boxes of name-brand shoes taking up most of the space. Sneakerheads will make an appointment with a reminder, so they don’t miss new releases. Like most collectors, sneakerheads are misunderstood by people who don’t collect shoes.

The Influence of the Hip-Hop Movement on Sneakerheads

The hip-hop movement, culture, and African Americans created art movement, Latino Americans, and Caribbean Americans in the Bronx, New York City all had an influence on sneakerheads.

Unique clothing and sneakers could be easily customized, so anyone wearing these items would stand out in a crowd. Followers of the movement were called B-boys and B-girls. Coordinating laces to an outfit or coloring in a pair of Adidas stripes achieved the style and statement needed to say ‘unique’.

Breakdancing – The beginning of the sneaker craze

Breakdancing was alive and well, and the B-boy or B-girl term originated with the influence of DJ Herc, who noticed that dancers would react differently to a drum break in the music. He coined the name of the dancers as break-boys or break-girls (B-boys, B-girls). It wasn’t unheard of for a b-boy who found a shoe he liked to buy more than one pair of them, so he could have them if the original one wore out.

The Sneaker Craze Goes Wild

By 1985, the sneaker craze went wild when Nike and Michael Jordan introduced Air Jordans. They were epic and sought after as a status symbol. B-boys and B-girls no longer had to color in stripes on a pair of Adidas, and they could wear a pair of Nike shoes and stand out in the crowd as someone.

Nike continued to produce a new style of Jordan shoes every year, which increased its popularity. By the beginning of 1990, estimates were that 1 in every 12 Americans owned a pair of Air Jordan shoes.

With so many customers wanting their shoes to stand out and catch the eye of the crowd, Air Jordans became less important.

The sneakerheads of the ’90s began shopping shoe shops for unique styles. They would buy more than one pair, so they had them as a backup when the others wore out.

It wasn’t unusual for a sneakerhead to travel long distances to find a shoe or sneaker that would just sit in the box in the closet. Unique ‘kicks’ (shoes) were the thing, and companies started producing limited edition color schemes and materials to help further their sales and expand their profit.

Nike realized that limited edition color schemes and materials were selling points, and they produced the Dunk and the Air Force 1 as a limited edition, making these shoes a must-have.

Parker Pawn Quick Cash

Where do You Buy, Sell, and Pawn Sneakers?

Chase Reed learned quickly that social media, listing Facebook products, like sneakers, are ways to sell sneakers. But there are other ways. Pawn shops like Parker Pawn and Jewelry in Fayetteville, SC will buy, sell and pawn sneakers.

Sneakers with certain features, like special colorways or limited editions, will bring top dollar. If you need fast cash, or you are in the market for a great pair of sneakers, Parker Pawn has more options.

You can sell your gently used sneakers after they are appraised and authenticated for fast cash. You may choose to use your name brand sneakers as collateral for a pawn loan. After the pawn broker determines the current market value of the shoe, they will make you a no obligation offer. The choice is yours.

Remember, if you sell your sneakers outright or don’t pay back the loan completely, your shoes are forfeited to the shop.

If you want to buy a pair of name brand sneakers, you can put the shoes on layaway, making payments until your balance is paid in full.

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Whatever your need is, Parker Pawn is available to help!


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