Christmas In July

Not Only Is It Christmas In July – Parker Pawn & Jewelry Has a Pawn Shop Layaway Program

Christmas in June, July, August, and September – Really?

Traditionally Christmas is celebrated in the winter months, December 25th. In July, the heat of the summer in the Northern Hemisphere is staggering, and some people throw parties during the heat that mimic Christmas. Ice cream, cold foods, and gifts bring joy to many people. Movie channels may run blocks of Christmas stories typically played in December. Christmas in July brings sales, 24-hour shopping blocks, and other events.

There is also Christmas in June. In Western countries, June has a limited number of holidays to promote sales and merchandise. Before the back-to-school excitement, things were relatively neutral in June, July, and August. The idea is there is no need to wait to celebrate love, friendship, and peace.

Christmas in July started in Italy and Europe.  It is a yearly tradition that is now spreading worldwide.

Christmas Gift Giving

Yellowstone National Park celebrates Christmas in August. Employees were known to participate in large employee parties in July/August with skits, dances, floats, and good food. Some say that the festivities were a way to incorporate the performance of Handel’s Messiah by a student ministry working in the park.

Parker Pawn & Jewelry in Fayetteville, NC, has Christmas in July scheduled for July 25th. They have a week-long celebration including sales and discounts.

Whether you celebrate Christmas in June, July, August, or December, planning for gift giving and exchanges takes time and money. Some pawn shops like Parker Pawn and Jewelry offer layaway programs.

Layaway Program

Layaway Programs

The layaway programs allow you to shop early and find the perfect gifts of gold, silver, jewelry, diamonds, designer handbags, luxury watches, tools, and electronics at the right price before the crowds of people pick over the available selection.

Finding an item on a prime deal is a great time to purchase. A layaway program offers you the opportunity to deposit the sale price items you chose and then make regular installment payments until the items are paid off. The store holds the merchandise in reserve.

You pick out the items; you place a down payment; you pay regularly until paid in full and pick up your items. It is simple and easy.

There is no credit check to establish layaway, and you can pick the amount you can afford so you make payments on time. Typically there is a convenience fee or maybe a cancellation fee associated with your layaway program. The cancellation fee is a restocking fee if you can’t make all the payments by the due date.

The small payments associated with a layaway program make it easy to pay and not miss a payment.

Parker Pawn Quick Cash

Parker Pawn & Jewelry

At Parker Pawn & Jewelry, you can put most anything on layaway through their convenient layaway program. This provides for interest-free purchasing, no fees, just small monthly payments giving you a great alternative to buying items on credit or missing out on purchases you want to make.

Parker Pawn & Jewelry is a full-scale pawn shop offering buying, selling, pawning, and layaway programs. If you want to sell your valuable items outright, they have a basic process that helps you get the cash you need when you leave the store. The highly skilled team will evaluate the things you bring in and offer you a fair price based on current market value.

Maybe you need quick cash and want to keep your items. Consider working with the team to secure a short-term collateral loan using your things. Once your payments are made in full, you can retrieve your items.

Maybe you want to purchase something to give as a gift at Christmas. The stores have a layaway program that requires a down payment and small payments. The payments will vary depending on the item you select. Once the payments are made, and the price of the article is paid in full, you can leave with your items.

Parker Pawn & Jewelry has been in business since 1955, and they have three convenient locations serving Fayetteville, NC, and surrounding communities. They treat all their customers like family.


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