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Unique Gold Jewelry Gifts For Valentines

Now that the Christmas holiday season has passed it is time to think about Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air! What better way to surprise your sweetheart than to give her diamonds or unique gold jewelry. Here at Parker Pawn and Jewelry with three beautiful stores in Fayetteville and Spring Lake, NC we make sure our jewelry undergoes a stringent test to ensure its quality and value. So you can give with confidence. We have a selection of white gold, sterling silver, yellow gold, rose gold, 14 and 24 Karat gold jewelry, and other cool gift ideas.

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Why Buy Local?

Does your sweetheart have a vintage jewelry collection or gold jewelry wish? If they do, our shop is the perfect place to find that unique bracelet that is sure to bring a smile. Why shop at Etsy, Craigslist, a Big Box Jewelry Store, or another online marketplace when you can shop at a local service, with a team member who treats you like a friend from behind the counter. Developing a relationship and working with a local service is always best when it comes to jewelry. Why? Because everyone’s taste is different. Sizes change and so do styles, so having local support to work with you directly is always the best way to make things right in case anything goes wrong.

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What to Buy

Our sterling silver or gold necklaces are indeed one of the jewelry gifts that would put a smile on your honey’s face? How about a gold necklace or a diamond bracelet? We are all looking for the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day. We all have different budgets, a different sense of style, and a different wardrobe to match our selection to. Perhaps your loved one enjoys retro jewelry or retro clothing. What better way to show you care by finding a perfect gift to accent the style. By showing that you notice their taste, a piece of jewelry that can’t be bought in a big box store but may be nestled away on our shelves waiting for you is the perfect solution. Stud earrings from us is guaranteed to be unique. A vintage necklace that your girlfriend won’t have to worry about her friend showing up to work wearing a similar style is sure to be a hit. Layered gold bracelets finely crafted in the unique style of the time are sure to bring a smile to her face. While a set of earings from a big box store might make her smile, you want her to glow knowing you bought just to please her taste. You want her to know you pay attention, you want her to know you love her. What better way than to make sure no one will show up at a party with the same piece of jewelry because you shopped our inventory of jewelry at Parker Pawn and Jewelry for a unique piece.


Gold Jewelry and sterling silver make wonderful gifts for Valentine’s Day. Stud earrings are a beautiful gift idea for your loved one. Retro jewelry gifts are making a comeback for everyday wear and your loved one can add a retro look with a modern twist, which is sure to show off her unique style.

A set of old hoop earrings, a gold pendant necklace, or a gold bracelet is a gift that will not be fogotten. Parker Pawn and Jewelry has elegant pendants, dainty bracelets, and white diamonds that are sure to match your loved ones style.

Other pieces of jewelry that Parker Pawn and Jewelry has in their ever changing inventory ready to compliment your honey’s style are not only stunning but some of the pieces are so delicate they complement any style with elegance. Our classic broaches, beautifully crafted earrings, or white diamonds are always a hit. Check our inventory often for wahy you are looking for because it is always being updated. .

Rings crafted from 14 karat gold, turquoise, or rose gold can be found in our store. Remember a necklace of pearls, chains of gold or sterling silver, can be worn for any occasion.

It makes a fashionable statement when she wears and elegant pair of diamonds, or dainty gold jewelry. Wearing pearls and a delicate pair of stud earrings in classic rose gold is sure to highlight her beauty in so many ways. Being adorn by a piece of jewelry you shopped for and bought just for her will surely complete your Valentines Day.

What If We Aren't So Serious? Is Jewelry the Right Choice?

At Parker Pawn and Jewelry our fine jewelry makes a great gift and our uncommon goods handcrafted from stunning gold are sure to make any outfit glow. You have someone who has lit a spark in your heart and maybe you aren’t quiteready to be bold. You don’t want to jump too soon, or make things out to be more than what they are. Valentines Day is still the day to make sure those you are close to feel cared for. What you do doesn’t have to be over the top like a fancy engagement ring or a set of diamond earrings would suggest. Simplicity may be the answer. A stunning yet simple birthstone bracelet may be the perfect choice. Would you prefer something in yellow gold, shiny, or beautifully crafted that simply says kindness? Maybe consider a broach or a fun and unique necklace with a modern twist. A pair of earrings might just fit the bill. Staying away from giving a ring because doing so may send the wrong message if you are not ready to move the relationship to the next level.

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When to Buy

Find your gold jewelry on our store site, or come to our friendly store to purchase today. At Parker Pawn and Jewelry we have experts ready to assist you through our fun and friendly process. They are experts and know what studs and gold bracelets they have that will be the right gift for everyday wear. Do a little homework and come and pick out a unique set of earrings or unique gold jewlery gifts that may be the perfect piece to complement your loved ones collection.

Are you in the military or out of town for the holiday? Feel free to call us and let us help you find something for you over the phone. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable and want you to find the perfect solution to your holiday giving.

Be proactive and make your selection early so you have a good selection. So many people wait until the last minute and end up making a compromise because the selection dwindles. It pays to be ahead of the pack when you are searching for a unique ring or other uncommon goods. The selection we have is determined by unique factors and changes daily so check back often. It is hard to say when that perfect piece will hit our shelves, or if it will ever show up again. That is why it is so important for you to make your selection when you find what you believe will fit the occasion. Not only will you have the best odds of finding the perfect piece, you will have the piece of mind that comes with knowing your job is done early.

No stress for you on Valentine’s Day!


A Story and Lesson Learned

A young man came in and shared this story with us at the pawnshop.

Gold jewelry is perfect in my opinion for a romantic ending, under the night sky while sharing a glass of wine and dreaming about the future.

It is a wonderful way to affirm your love on Valentine’s Day.

I write this for you from my own experience and don’t make the mistake I did. I have shopped the big box stores last minute several times. On this particular Valentines Day I will never forget the looks I received. That look from my loved one when she knew that I waited and waited until the last minute to simply get it done that day. What is the saying, “haste makes waste.” Well I made her feel like a waste that day. I didn’t end up with something she wanted. I ended up with something to fill the need to give a Valentines gift.

But frankly, I was forefilling a task to give a gift not a love message. My honey ended up keeping what I gave her. But I knew that it wasn’t very classy of me to have not planned ahead so I could find her the gift that would make her feel special.

If I had wanted to make her feel special, not just finding a gift to settle my obligation, I would have taken my time and found that piece that was right for her.

It wouldn’t have mattered where it came from or when I got it.

The fact is it would have lit up her eyes when she saw it.

By shopping at a pawnshop I would have had a huge selection of different and unique pieces not just the same oh same oh bracelets, jewelry, and rings everyone gives.

I missed the mark on this particular Valentines Day.

Lesson Learned!

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