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Where Can I Sell Musical Instruments for Cash Near Me?

Pawn shops buy, sell, and pawn valuable items. Items like gold, silver, diamonds, fine jewelry, precious metals, name brand tools, electronics, luxury purses, designer watches, and musical instruments are all welcome at a pawn shop.

Did you know that your local pawn shops are a great way to find many styles of guitars, from beginner to advanced player types?

Musical Instruments at a Pawn Shop

Pawn shops buy and turn around and sell quality musical instruments. They carry guitars, flutes, saxophones, drums, violins, keyboards, amps, and sound equipment. To keep their inventories supplied, they will buy your quality musical instruments, gathering dust.

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Buying, Selling, and Pawning Acoustic to Electric Bass Guitars

Most beginners learn on acoustic guitars. These gem guitars give the learner the foundation to move on to a more advanced style, such as electric. Acoustic guitars have a clear and easily definable sound, making it easy to recognize the correct note or chords.

Acoustic guitars are lighter in weight than an electric or bass guitar. Acoustic is not just for beginners, though. There are many acoustic guitars a beginner player can advance to, like a 6 string and even 12 string models!

Why not look into an electric guitar at pawn shops? Pawn shops will have a wide range and price range to suit any budget. There are a few types, hollow body style, that you can play with an amp, or stand alone without one. They generally have 6 strings, but you can also find 7 strings.

Electric guitars need gear to go with them. Generally a combo amp or even speaker cabinets to connect to an amp head, also relevant hardware and pedals to help change the dynamic and effects for the sound you want to make playing music fun.

The bass guitar could be the ideal choice for you. They generally are 4 string, but can also be 5 or 6 string. Bass also need an amp, and again pedals help achieve that throaty tone.

Keep in mind that their fret board is longer than the other 2 styles. These are suitable for beginners. Bass guitars are either electric or acoustic.

Musical Instruments

Top Brands Bought and Sold at a Pawn Shop

Guitar models are the names of specific types of guitars each brand makes. Some of these brands include Ibanez, Gibson, Fender, B.C. Rich and many more. Think about it in the context of cars; Chevy Tahoe, vs Chevy Silverado, etc. Another common one you may have heard of is the Gibson Les Paul, or Gibson Explorer (James Hetfield plays this model). Most of these guitar manufacturers also produce amplifiers.

Pawn shops will pay top dollar for brand name guitars. The model, neck, and bridge all play a role in determining the value of all styles of guitars.

Important Attributes of a Guitar

The Fret Board

Fret boards must be at a specific height to avoid issues. Too high off a fret board, and you will need more pressure to produce notes, which in turn will cause your fingers to get sore. Too low, and you risk the strings vibrating against the frets themselves, giving the sound a muddy or buzzing tone.

The Neck

The bridge on the neck keeps the stings at a perfect height. This is important to help create the actual notes you are looking for. Which is especially true if you have a fretless guitar.

Fretless means there are no metal strips (frets) that run perpendicular to the strings. Your neck in fret essence is your fret board.

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Muscial Equipment and Gear

You can’t play without an instrument. But, along with owning instruments, is having amps, cords, cases, strings, and other things that will help you play your music perfectly. A rhythm guitar player (plays main riff in any given song) would simply need basic strings with a clear and solid tone. As a lead guitar player (lead or solo playing member), you would use flexible strings to create that bending note, giving the lead a bluesy feel. The electric guitar may need an amp to work. Speaking with knowledgeable professionals will give you an idea of what you need before you visit the pawn shop.


Most musicians have a wide variety of accessories. Straps, picks, tuners, and cases, just to name a few. You can find many of these items at your local pawn shops. and maybe able to wrap the instrument you picked out into a package with the accessories you need or want for a discount price.

For more specialty items, such as multi effects pedals and amps, call ahead to see if they have any preowned options in their vast inventory. They can also guide you in making a decision on the best guitar for your ability, which you can then take to your local pawn shop to purchase there.

Pawn Brokers and Pawn Shops

Selling your pre owned musical instruments

Your pawnshop will accept most gently used equipment and gear, including accessories. After they appraise your items and check the model number, and other things that help them authenticate it, they will give you a fair market offer. The offer is typically between 40-60% of the value.

Some pawn shops have a website with a chat option, so you can have an idea of what you can potentially make. They may also have an online quote form.


Parker Pawn and Jewelry

Parker Pawn and Jewelry is your go-to place in the Fayerreville, NC area if you are looking to buy, sell, or pawn gold, silver, luxury handbags, name brand tools, designer watches, electronics and more. Founded in 1955, the pawn shop has built its reputation on being trustworthy and caring for their community.

If you are looking for the perfect instrument, or quick cash by selling your instrument or pawning it, Parker Pawn and Jewelry is great place to visit.



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