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We all know that pawn shops are hidden gems, from jewelry, to musical instruments, to bikes and tools. They are a hidden resource many of us forget about.

I have been on a journey lately to reopen my love of musical instruments. I played when I was younger, but as life took over, I lost touch.

Yet, as my children get older, and I find myself with extra time, I thought, why not pick up the hobby again? I am in no way a professional, yet I have always loved music.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, and flight to the imagination” ~Plato

What a cool way to showcase our talents and potentially touch someone’s soul.

I got to thinking, could I learn to play the drums??

Not wanting to invest in a super expensive kit, I thought, why not look at my local pawn shop.

I could purchase for a lower price, as they are a gently used instrument, carefully inspected, and you can usually find all you need.

If what I purchase isn’t my cup of tea, chances are, I can make back most, if not all, of what I spent. Most pawn shops are always interested in quality pre owned instruments.

Drums and Instruments

Let’s Explore Drums

Known as a membranophone, they produce their sound when struck with an object or even fingers.

They vibrate, producing that beat we all know. That’s how we can keep time with the music. They, like guitars, come in acoustic and electric varieties.

Depending on your style of music, it will definitely be worth the extra research to learn about each one. From snare, to bongo, to bass and cymbal, all have an integral place in musical compositions.

Drums are generally harder to learn than guitars or violins.

It is definitely worth talking to a music instructor or knowledgeable professionals, especially as a beginner.

They can help you learn the proper way to hold your sticks, how to expand using your foot in tandem, and also how to count a rhythm.

So maybe drums or guitars aren’t for you, what now?

A local pawn shop generally carries many types of instruments, possibly even some in original packaging, all at a fair price.

Flute instrument

Why not try out flutes, a piano, a string instrument, such as violins?

With the added value of them being gently used instruments, you can get value and typically, will not have to pay top dollar for instruments you maybe unsure of. Buying from a pawn shop will help you save money while you are experimenting with what instruments you like.

Plus… you can always get cash loans or quick sale for the ones you don’t care for. Win win, right??

Musical Instruments

Pawn shop instruments, lets talk about them.

A search of your local pawn shop will give an example of the equipment and top brands they carry.

With due diligence, you can find a vast inventory of instruments and accessories in good condition. These are always a valuable investment.

If you need a loan or some quick money, your pawnbroker can help you with your interest and offer a quality price to either pawn or purchase.

Additionally, they usually have a site on the internet that you can search before even going into the store.

A pawnbroker will do a few things to determine value.

First, they will evaluate the instrument.

Second, they will determine the base value by looking at the current market value.

Third, whether you are selling, pawning or looking for a great deal on gently used instruments, the market is there, in your corner.

They will get you the best value for your money, and if you are pawning it, they often offer hard to beat interest rates.

They will have pre owned musical instruments, making it an easy process for buying, selling, or getting loans.

music equipment

Some pawn shops will do you a solid!!

Pawn shops are located in the community where they conduct their business. They are committed to helping local customers sell, buy, and pawning valuable items. Some pawn shops will toss in free accessories with large purchases, a valuable piece of equipment at a discounted price, or even an added musical instrument at a deal you can’t refuse.

The key is to talk to the pawn broker and develop that relationship, so you can have a trusted confidant to answer your questions and find the items you are looking for as your needs and desires change.

While there are many factors that pawn shops use to determine value, the buyer can feel confident that they are getting a quality instrument or equipment at a great cash price. Pawn shops search market value, retail potential and value, and demand before making an offer.

While a music shop or eBay may seem like the obvious choice where you can find a quality item, do you and your local pawn shop a favor and take note of what they have to offer. Price, selection, and variety are all a point of interest.

Parker Pawn Quick Cash

I am sure most people know this…

Maybe you don’t…

A pawn shop is regulated, so if you plan to pawning musical instruments, a diamond, gold or other precious metal, or even tools, be sure to bring your identification.

They do have rules to follow, and do not look kindly on buying stolen items. Be sure you know where the items you are selling or pawning came from!

Also, if you find yourself in a bind, talk to your pawnbroker, most are willing to do whatever they need to keep your future interest with them.

musical instrument saxophone

We started this journey with drums, how did it go?

Well, I gave it my all. I purchased a set of drums from my local pawn shop, practiced, talked to a band instructor, practiced some more, and on that note, drums and I were not a good match. It was an amazing learning process, but it was not for me.

Instead, I decided to try the bass guitar.

If that doesn’t work out, well musical instruments are easily found at a pawn shop. If you decide the one you chose isn’t for you, selling musical instruments or even pawning musical instruments is an easy process. Most pawn shops will buy back something you used, take care of, and decide you didn’t like.

Offering quick cash, a vast inventory, decent interest rates, and a fair price, why not check out your local pawn shop?

Pawn Shop

Parker Pawn and Jewelry is a great resource.

If you happen to be in the area of Fayetteville or Spring Lake, NC, Parker Pawn and Jewelry has a vast selection of musical instruments, accessories, jewelry, and many other items. Why not stop in and talk to the professionals there?

Founded in 1955, these people know their business!!

With 2 stores in Fayetteville and one in Spring Lake, you can’t go wrong visiting them.

They also have an interactive site that you can use to ask questions before you embark on your musical journey.


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