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They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but gold jewelry and luxury handbags are too. What is it about diamonds that women seem to adore?

Diamonds are symbolic; they are sparkly, reflect the personality, are the best of the best, unique, and boost confidence. Gold makes a statement, and it says class and investment.

Luxury handbags complement any woman’s style and say, “I am here, I am fabulous, and thank you.”

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A Diamond symbolizes something.

An engagement, the birth of a child, the generational love shared in a family, or maybe the pride felt at college graduation. A diamond represents an event, something special in the heart of the giver and receiver. With each sparkle, cut, and detail, a diamond tells a story, and the woman wearing the diamond is in as much love with the story behind the diamond as the diamond itself.

Diamond Earrings

A Diamond is beautiful, sparkly, and has more detail than the naked eye can see.

There is no other piece of the precious gem that presents itself entirely as a diamond does. Even if it is a perfect stone, no other gemstone carries itself like a diamond. Something is mesmerizing about the sparkle of a diamond that says it withstood the pressure of time, is hardy, and will remain forever.

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A Diamond represents a woman’s personality.

Big women need big diamonds.

The diamond shape, diamond color, diamond cut, and diamond setting make a statement about the wearer, and what that person stands for. A diamond can be made into any jewelry. They can be used in earrings, engagement rings, everyday diamond rings, diamond tennis bracelets, and diamond pendants, each making a statement about the wearer. A diamond can vary in size, shape, color, cut, and clarity, giving options in style and setting and in what they want.

A Diamond is the best, and the giver gave the best.

Diamonds are forever, and the story around the diamond lasts a lifetime. Grandmothers will pass down diamond jewelry like an engagement ring and tell stories about how the diamond came to be and why the diamond’s size nicely presented in a round cut was given to her.

Like most couples, diamond engagement rings come with a story and a sense of awe behind the storyteller’s eyes. Grandmothers will tell stories about how the diamond ring was purchased and what jeweler it came from. She will tell tales of how she and Grandpa couldn’t decide which ring to get because a larger diamond was available, but she just wanted the one she got. A diamond is a gemstone with a story, the best story.

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A Diamond is unique.

Each diamond was formed under pressure over time, and each diamond is unique. Diamonds are valued on the 4cs, clarity, cut, carat, and color. A diamond has a clarity factor, which can be affected by inclusions and minor flaws within the diamond. A diamond has a crystal clear color to yellow or other shades. The more absence of color, the higher the grade. A diamond has a cut and how it is cut reflects the sparkle of the diamond and how the diamond makes a statement. A diamond has a size or carat weight. The bigger the diamond, the more money it costs. Each diamond is unique and not like another.

A Diamond gives a sense of confidence.

Maybe the diamond itself doesn’t build confidence, but the woman wearing it will say they feel pretty. Wearing a diamond is the ultimate fashion statement, and wearing a diamond boosts the ego and spirit of the wearer.

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Gold Jewelry

Many women like to wear jewelry. Women want to wear gold jewelry because it is a statement of femininity and social status. All the details that go into the design and craftsmanship of a piece of diamond and gold jewelry can not be understated. Women seem to enjoy looking good and feeling beautiful.

Tiffany & Co. is an American luxury jewelry and specialty retailer headquartered in New York City. It sells jewelry, silver, china, crystal, stationery, fragrances, water bottles, watches, personal accessories, and leather goods. They are known as fine diamond and gold jewelry craftsmen, and their pieces retain their value. You will also pay for that value in the jewelry store, and jewelry stores may not be the most affordable place to purchase gold and diamond jewelry.

Jewelry stores carry a large selection of gold and diamond jewelry. Many factors go into the design details of the jewelry, and the jewelers in the store will often tell you how the piece came to be and why the cost is high.

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Luxury Handbags

Luxury handbags are a fashion statement for women as well. A woman feels different about herself when her outfit is adorned with a Luis Vuitton luxury handbag, while she is wearing her diamond rings and gold necklace with a Blue Nile diamond.

Larger diamonds aren’t the only thing that says sophistication. A Chanel handbag will make a statement when a woman attends a business meeting.

Gabrielle Chanel created the original Chanel handbag in February 1955. It had a square lock, heavy all-metal chain, soft lambskin leather and was named 2.55. The Chanel 2.55 has increased in value by about 70% over the past few years, and sellers are asking between $6,000 and $9,000 for vintage pre-owned bags.

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How does a woman afford diamonds, gold jewelry, and luxury handbags?

Although Carat Weight, Clarity, Cut, & Color all determine a diamond’s value when it comes to diamonds, supply controls the price. A few producers like De Beers keep the prices stable by controlling the flow of available stones, impacting what diamonds sell and the market price.

A diamond sold in a big box jewelry store will be more expensive, and retail jewelers mark up diamond wedding rings by an average of 300%. Buying a diamond online is cheaper than buying a diamond from a jewelry store because of the way the wholesale dealers online distribute and sell diamonds.

The process is not as expensive for online retailers because they typically work out of a compact store site. They don’t have to support a brick and mortar storefront, pay utilities, and staff their place with a large team of diamond jewelers.

A pawn shop can purchase the most affordable diamond rings, diamond jewelry, and loose diamonds.

Pawnshops have a large variety of diamond jewelry, and if you are looking for a diamond, a pawn shop is a great option.

Pawnshops have experts who know how to appraise diamonds. They have a better price than most diamond jewelry stores. Many factors affect the price of diamonds at a pawn shop. For example, a customer may need quick cash, and so they decide to bring in their unused diamond jewelry to the pawnshop and have the pawnshop buy the rings outright.

Or another example is a pawn shop may have a customer who needs a short-term pawn loan to cover an unexpected financial emergency. The pawnshop gives the loan amount instead of purchasing the diamond jewelry outright. The borrower defaults on their loan, and now the pawn shop needs to sell the diamond jewelry as a part of doing business, and the diamond jewelry becomes a part of the store inventory.

Pawnshops make sure that the diamonds they purchase are genuine and the value of the diamonds will cover the cost of the loan or sale.

Pawnshops can give you the best price when you want to buy a diamond, and unlike high markups at jewelry stores, pawnshops keep their prices affordable.

The same is true for gold jewelry. Pawnshops are gold jewelry stores that people forget to visit when shopping for gold jewelry. Gold is purchased at fair market value, and again it may have come into the store as a pawn loan, and then the customer defaulted.

The pawnshop business model is the pawnshop will write a loan for the loan amount the customer needs as long as the value of the item, say a ring, covers the cost of the loan. If the customer defaults, the pawnshop will sell the ring to cover the expenses. A diamond ring set in gold is an excellent option for people to use as collateral when they quick cash, so pawn shops have a large inventory of available, good-quality options.

Luxury handbags are an investment, and pawnshops will appraise and authenticate luxury purses and then buy them outright or set up a short-term loan using the bag as collateral.

Pawnshops who are buying jewelry, have pawnshop staff knowledgeable about luxury items, and have a good reputation for offering retail items at a lower price are good options when shopping for a Louis Vuitton or Chanel handbag.

Part of a pawn shop’s business model is to bring in items that people want, and luxury handbags are wanted. The handbags bring good money when sold to a pawn shop, so women who have stored their unused luxury bags in their closets and now need quick cash will bring them into the pawnshop to sell.

Pawnshops pay extra money for luxury items like diamonds, gold, jewelry, and luxury handbags with original paperwork and certifications.

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How do you know a pawn shop is reputable?

Pawnshops are not scary dark places where the pawnbroker sits behind a desk just waiting to take advantage of the next person in need. Pawnshops are a vital part of the community and create a financial opportunity for customers who need quick money or want to liquidate unused items.

Ask a knowledgeable friend if they are aware of pawn shops in your area that are fair and honest. Look at Google reviews and read reviews to see what other customers said. The pawnshop business model is to stay in business, and they can only do so by being honest and being seen as a pawn shop with pawn shop staff who will work with you for a good deal.

They also have to know the value of your items and appraise them accurately, so you get the most money. A pawn shop owner will insist that his team treats every customer with respect, friendliness, and confidentiality.

Pawn shops offer as much money as they can for valuable items, and they also keep in mind that what they pay for the items will affect the resale value if someone comes into their store to purchase items. A pawn shop owner will balance this as part of their pawn shop business model.

Parker Pawn & Jewelry

Parker Pawn and Jewelry

Parker Pawn Shops, with three locations, was founded in 1955. With two locations in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and another in Hope Mills, we accept all luxury items like diamonds, fine jewelry, and luxury handbags.

We provide loans/24-hour loans and have a large retail store.

We understand the diamond market and diamond prices and will work with you to get you the money you need to sell your diamonds outright. We will also consider other factors and keep our pricing affordable if you are looking for a diamond, gold, or luxury handbag.

July 29, 2021, we had our first Sip and Shop Trunk Show at Parker Pawn and Jewelry.

The event luxury handbags, jewelry, wine, Hors d’oeuvre, and giveaways. Not only was it a great time, but it was also fun packed with a deal for everyone. You indeed can’t find this through eBay sales or from amazon associates. We are here for you, so get the customer service and service you expect at Parker Pawn and Jewelry.


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