How to Care for Your Gold Jewelry

At Parker Pawn and Jewelry, we know how important your gold jewelry pieces are to you. Whether they are family heirlooms, new pieces, or you’ve found a unique gold jewelry piece at one of our Parker Pawn & Jewelry’s stores, these items have significant value and caring for them is incredibly important for preserving their lustrous finish.

Gold is a soft metal so it’s important to take care when cleaning, storing, and wearing your gold jewelry pieces. It is best to remove your gold jewelry when swimming, cleaning, or even showering as chlorine and some waters can be too abrasive for your gold jewelry.

Store your gold jewelry in separate jewelry pouches or boxes from your other jewelry pieces to prevent other items from scratching your gold jewelry. You can take your gold jewelry to a jeweler for professional polishing, but you don’t want to do this too often as the abrasive chemicals used to polish your gold jewelry can be damaging in the long term.

Luckily, your gold jewelry can be cleaned with a simple solution of mild soap and water to remove dirt and residue. Simply mix a mild soap into a shallow bowl full of lukewarm water. If your gold jewelry does not have any gemstones, soak the gold jewelry for 20 to 30 minutes, and then wipe with a soft cloth to remove dirt. If your gold jewelry has gemstones, dip a soft cloth in the soap solution, and use it to gently clean your gold jewelry. Once you’ve removed the dirt with the soap solution, rinse with water or a clean cloth to remove soap residue from your gold jewelry. Then pat dry and air dry to remove any remaining moisture.

Now that your gold jewelry is clean and cared for, all that’s left to do is wear it! If you’re looking for unique gold jewelry to purchase and wear, or if you’re looking to sell your gold jewelry, Parker Pawn & Jewelry will help you with all your needs! Visit us online at or visit one of our storefronts in Fayetteville and Spring Lake.

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