With the United States battling a pandemic, we have needed to change so many everyday behaviors to keep our communities safe and healthy.  Aside from increased handwashing, more people are using hand sanitizer at an increased rate while wearing jewelry.  Hand sanitizer is an effective disinfecting solution when it comes to health and safety; however, it is often questioned whether using hand sanitizer could damage clothing or possessions, including jewelry. With the increase in hand sanitizer usage, it’s essential for people who wear rings and other jewelry to be mindful of the effects of disinfecting agents on precious metals and gemstones.
How Hand Sanitizer Effects Jewelry
Hand sanitizer is proven to be tough on germs, but it can also be tough on precious metals and jewelry. Sanitizer will not cause damage to jewelry immediately but it will make a serious impact over time. Cleaning products and hand sanitizer cause the shine in gold to fade over time. You might not notice this fading right away, but the gradual effect of hand sanitizer will eventually take its toll and cause your jewelry to fade more rapidly.
How Best to Care For Jewelry During COVID and Flu Season
Parker Pawn and Jewelry has some tips In order to keep your jewelry in the best shape possible while also protecting your health.
Here are some tips for protecting jewelry while using hand sanitizer:
•   Before sanitizing, take off your rings: Take off your jewelry, use your hand sanitizer and then wait for it to dry completely before putting your rings and bracelets back on. This will prevent your jewelry from being exposed to harsh disinfectants while keeping your hands clean and sanitized.
•   Leave jewelry at home: When making a quick trip to the grocery store or running errands, it’s best to leave rings and bracelets at home. This allows you to avoid exposing your jewelry to germs, bacteria, and viruses while running errands.
•   Clean your jewelry: While harsh cleaners can cause damage to jewelry, it’s still important to regularly clean your jewelry. Cleaning jewelry with warm water and dish soap is a great way to keep your jewelry looking great without causing it to fade or become damaged.
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