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How to get a Cash Loan

Regardless of your current financial needs, the most important thing is how to get fast cash loans. Pawnshops are the safest and easiest way to get fast cash. In order to get fast cash, you can either sell a valuable item to the pawnshop or apply for a cash loan and leave your items at […]

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Have you always wondered how a pawn shop works? People pawn jewelry, cars, tool and guns, among many other possessions in order to make cash.  It is done in a matter of a loan and so that a bank isn’t involved and a credit check is not run.  The loans are a convenient solution, but […]

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With the United States battling a pandemic, we have needed to change so many everyday behaviors to keep our communities safe and healthy.  Aside from increased handwashing, more people are using hand sanitizer at an increased rate while wearing jewelry.  Hand sanitizer is an effective disinfecting solution when it comes to health and safety; however, […]

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Things to Know About Pawn Shop Loans

Pawn shop loans are an option if you need some quick cash. Before you decide to pawn your valuables, understand the pros and cons of pawn shop loans and think about the alternatives. When you take something of value to a pawn shop, chances are you can walk out with some cash. Let’s take a […]

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What Are Your Items Worth?

If you want to pawn an item, whether it is your great-grandfather’s antique pocket watch with an “absolutely amazing story” behind it, or your beloved collection of comic books from your childhood, the only thing that really matters is not your story, but the actual demand for the item in the secondary market. In other […]

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Gold Jewelry and Loans for Spring

We understand what an uncertain time it is right now in the world. As an essential business, Parker Pawn & Jewelry’s 3 locations remain open for you! If you need some extra cash to get you by, we offer cash loans on almost anything of value. Do you have gold jewelry just lying around your […]

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5 Reasons to Shop at Parker Pawn & Jewelry this Holiday Season

Visit Parker Pawn & Jewelry To Learn More About Our Holiday Loans The holiday season has arrived, and what that typically means to the average consumer is lots of crowded stores, overspending, and the additional financial burdens of Christmas. Unfortunately, most people fail to consider holiday loans. At Parker Pawn & Jewelry, we offer several […]

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Get Cash for Gold Jewelry

It’s spring season, and we all know what that means – it’s time for spring cleaning! As you’re digging through your jewelry drawers this year deciding what to keep and what to get rid of, remember that you can sell your gold jewelry for cash at Parker Pawn and Jewelry. With summer vacation coming up, […]

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Parker Pawn & Jewelry: Not Just a Pawn Shop

Since Parker Pawn & Jewelry opened its first pawn shop in Fayetteville, NC in 1955, we have seen the population of Fayetteville go from around 45,000 to over 200,000. Parker Pawn & Jewelry has always strived to be the best among all pawn shops, and we now operate locations in Fayetteville and the surrounding areas. […]

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Hassle Free Loans At Parker Pawn & Jewelry

You pay your bills on time. You are responsible with your money. You have a stable job working for Uncle Sam at one of the best military bases this world has ever seen. Then some politicians decide that you don’t need to be paid as badly as you know you do. Suddenly you are put […]

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