How to get a Cash Loan

Regardless of your current financial needs, the most important thing is how to get fast cash loans. Pawnshops are the safest and easiest way to get fast cash. In order to get fast cash, you can either sell a valuable item to the pawnshop or apply for a cash loan and leave your items at the shop as collateral.
If you need instant cash, bring a valuable item to the pawnshop for inspection. Normally, pawn shops offer about 25%-60% of the item’s resale value. Once the item passes inspection, you discuss the loan terms and interest; or in other words the contract. You will have a choice in how to pay off the loan and over what time period.  If you fail to pay your loan back within the loan terms, the pawnshop will sell your collateral item and use it to collect the loan.
You can guarantee that you will get a fast cash loan regardless of your credit score — as your credit will not be checked.  In addition, it will not hurt your credit score regardless if you pay it back or not.
It is fast, safe, and simple.  It’s a win-win situation when applying for cash loans in pawn shops. You get the money while they get your valuable item.
Parker Pawn and Jewelry is Legitimate and safe.

Parker Pawn & Jewelry is your go-to pawnshop in the Fayetteville area for precious metals, jewelry, musical instruments, and a wide selection of electronics. Do you have jewelry you want to exchange for cash? At Parker Pawn & Jewelry, we offer a generous repayment term and a grace period, so people have the time they need. Parker Pawn & Jewelry will help you with all your needs! Visit us online at or visit one of our storefronts in Fayetteville and Spring Lake. Give us a call today at (910) 321-0500.

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Have you always wondered how a pawn shop works? People pawn jewelry, cars, tool and guns, among many other possessions in order to make cash.  It is done in a matter of a loan and so that a bank isn’t involved and a credit check is not run.  The loans are a convenient solution, but it is important that you understand how to safely pawn your jewelry for a successful experience.
Understand How it Works
Before entering the shop, it is important to understand the ins and outs of how pawn shops operate and that they are a regulated business.
Pawnshops offer collateral-based loans; meaning the loan is secured by something of value. You bring in something of value and the store will offer you a loan. The pawnbroker then keeps your item until you repay the loan. The loan amount will likely be a fraction of the item’s actual value.
The only consideration for exchanging an item for a loan is that the loan must be paid back within the allotted time. Most shops give people a few months to repay the loan, with the addition of fees and interest. The pawned item becomes the property of the shop if the borrower fails to meet their obligations of the loan.
Make Sure You Use Your Own Items
When making any transactions for a pawn loan, make sure you have sole ownership. Do not use items you bought and gave to someone else or property you expect to inherit someday. It is important if there is more than one owner that all owners are present at the time the pawn agreement is made.
Read the Agreement
All completed pawns have a receipt and agreement or contract.  It is important that you read through the agreement to know the details of the transaction and understand the terms for repayment, interest rates and fees.
Save all Receipts
Make sure to keep your contract and all receipts for record. If there is a failure to pay the pawnshop will put your item up for sale and it is important to keep those records in case there is a mistake.
Parker Pawn & Jewelry is your go-to pawnshop in the Fayetteville area for precious metals, jewelry, musical instruments, and a wide selection of electronics. Do you have jewelry you want to exchange for cash? At Parker Pawn & Jewelry, we offer a generous repayment term and a grace period, so people have the time they need. Parker Pawn & Jewelry will help you with all your needs! Visit us online at or visit one of our storefronts in Fayetteville and Spring Lake. Give us a call today at (910) 321-0500.
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With the United States battling a pandemic, we have needed to change so many everyday behaviors to keep our communities safe and healthy.  Aside from increased handwashing, more people are using hand sanitizer at an increased rate while wearing jewelry.  Hand sanitizer is an effective disinfecting solution when it comes to health and safety; however, it is often questioned whether using hand sanitizer could damage clothing or possessions, including jewelry. With the increase in hand sanitizer usage, it’s essential for people who wear rings and other jewelry to be mindful of the effects of disinfecting agents on precious metals and gemstones.
How Hand Sanitizer Effects Jewelry
Hand sanitizer is proven to be tough on germs, but it can also be tough on precious metals and jewelry. Sanitizer will not cause damage to jewelry immediately but it will make a serious impact over time. Cleaning products and hand sanitizer cause the shine in gold to fade over time. You might not notice this fading right away, but the gradual effect of hand sanitizer will eventually take its toll and cause your jewelry to fade more rapidly.
How Best to Care For Jewelry During COVID and Flu Season
Parker Pawn and Jewelry has some tips In order to keep your jewelry in the best shape possible while also protecting your health.
Here are some tips for protecting jewelry while using hand sanitizer:
•   Before sanitizing, take off your rings: Take off your jewelry, use your hand sanitizer and then wait for it to dry completely before putting your rings and bracelets back on. This will prevent your jewelry from being exposed to harsh disinfectants while keeping your hands clean and sanitized.
•   Leave jewelry at home: When making a quick trip to the grocery store or running errands, it’s best to leave rings and bracelets at home. This allows you to avoid exposing your jewelry to germs, bacteria, and viruses while running errands.
•   Clean your jewelry: While harsh cleaners can cause damage to jewelry, it’s still important to regularly clean your jewelry. Cleaning jewelry with warm water and dish soap is a great way to keep your jewelry looking great without causing it to fade or become damaged.
Parker Pawn & Jewelry is your go-to pawnshop in the Fayetteville area for precious metals, jewelry, musical instruments, and a wide selection of electronics. Do you have jewelry you want to exchange for cash? Parker Pawn is the best place to sell broken, scrap, or unwanted jewelry. And best of all, we promise to pay the most cash on the spot. Parker Pawn & Jewelry will help you with all your needs! Visit us online at or visit one of our storefronts in Fayetteville and Spring Lake. Give us a call today at (910) 321-0500.
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Things to Know About Pawn Shop Loans

Pawn shop loans are an option if you need some quick cash. Before you decide to pawn your valuables, understand the pros and cons of pawn shop loans and think about the alternatives. When you take something of value to a pawn shop, chances are you can walk out with some cash. Let’s take a closer look at how pawn shop loans work, and what the benefits and drawbacks are.

How do Pawn Shop loans work?
A pawn shop loan can be a quick way to borrow money because it doesn’t involve a credit check or application process. Your loan amount is based on the value of the item you pawn. If you move forward with a pawn shop loan, you can get the cash right then and there. You’ll typically be required to pay back the full amount of the pawn loan to reclaim your pawned item, though the amount of time you have to repay the loan can vary from state to state. In North Carolina, state laws dictate that pawn shop loan contracts are 30 days, with an additional grace period.

According to the National Pawnbrokers Association, the average pawn shop loan in the U.S. is $150.

Pawn Shop Loan Pros:
• Pawn shop loans can be an attractive option if your credit is rough and you’re not able to take out a traditional loan.
• For people with no bank account or no one to turn to as a cosigner, pawn loans can be a quick source of money and there’s no credit check required.
• Your credit scores won’t be affected if you don’t repay your loan, and you won’t have to worry about getting calls from debt collectors.
• The consequences of not repaying a pawn shop loan are that the pawn shop simply keeps whatever you pawned.

Pawn Shop Loan Cons:
• If you don’t repay your loan on time, the pawn shop can sell your item.
• You won’t get reimbursed if your item is sold for more than your loan amount.
• Some pawn shops also charge additional fees to pay for things like storage, insurance or renewing the loan for a new term.

Parker Pawn & Jewelry loan professionals
Hopefully, you’ll never be in a position where you have to pawn your family’s valuables. But if you find yourself in need of fast cash and think a pawn shop loan is your best option, be sure to contact Parker Pawn & Jewelry loan professionals to further understand all loan terms and conditions.

While Parker Pawn & Jewelry does give customers the option of a traditional loan setup, we are also proud to offer 24 hour loans. Customers who receive a 24 hour loan from Parker Pawn & Jewelry repay the quick cash loan on the same day that they received it. They bring in items of collateral and once we assess those items, we give them a loan for that amount. All a patron has to do in order to take advantage of our no interest 24 hour loan with no fees is to bring back the pawn tickets they receive and the money to repay the loan on the same day, and we return their items of collateral.

Regardless of your financial situation, if you find yourself in need of a loan, give Parker Pawn & Jewelry a call. We work with our customers to ensure they get the right loan for them, with loan terms that satisfy everybody involved.

If you have any questions about our hassle free loans, give us a call today!

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What Are Your Items Worth?

If you want to pawn an item, whether it is your great-grandfather’s antique pocket watch with an “absolutely amazing story” behind it, or your beloved collection of comic books from your childhood, the only thing that really matters is not your story, but the actual demand for the item in the secondary market. In other words, nothing is worth more than someone is willing to pay.

In pawning, you are trying to raise some cash temporarily to cover an urgent need. So, you take your family treasures to your local pawn shop in the hopes of raising that cash. First, an appraiser will evaluate your item on several points, which may include, but not be limited to:

  • rarity
  • material
  • authenticity
  • demand
  • condition
  • retail price range

Once the deal is struck, and you agree to pawn the item, the dealer will quote you a price based upon a percentage of that retail price, and that is the amount you will be loaned. You’ll be given a specified amount of time to repay the loan and retrieve your item. You will also pay interest, and in some cases, other fees. The amount of interest charged is usually regulated by state laws.

More for your Money

Pawn shops buy a variety of items that have value and what has value will often depend on what resells well in the area where the pawn shop is located. Even so, some items are always in high demand. Here’s a list of the top things you can get paid for at a pawnshop.

Precious Metals – Jewelry is one of the biggest moneymakers in pawnshops. Just as it does elsewhere, jewelry runs the gamut in price, but gold is worth more than silver and precious metal investments can be worth even more.

Tablets – When you already have a computer and a smartphone which you are considering pawning, some brands and models will score you more cash than others.

Power Tools – Power tools consistently have a good resale market. Bosch, DeWalt and Milwaukee are among the most powerful brands, and circular saws, drills, band saws and air compressors are popular items. To get the most money for your tools, ensure they’re in good shape and thoroughly cleaned and degreased before visiting the pawnshop.

Gems – Gold might get all the attention in pawnshop commercials, but don’t forget the diamonds. Pawnshops are interested in buying diamonds due to high demand. Like gold and precious metals, the right diamond or gem could net you four figures.

Firearms – Guns retain their retail value better than most items you’ll find at the pawnshop. You’ll need all the required legal paperwork to pawn a gun, and you’ll want to unload the firearm before arriving at the pawnshop. You also might want to call ahead to make sure the shop is licensed to buy guns.

Before you find yourself pawning items for cash or using them as collateral knowing the best things to pawn can help you strategize. Let Parker Pawn & Jewelry professional associates help you strategize before pawning your valuables. We believe that the more you know, the more confident you will feel about your transaction with us. If you are in the Fayetteville, Hope Mills or Spring Lake areas and you are looking for a pawn shop, look no further than Parker Pawn. We look forward to seeing you soon! Have any questions before you come into one of our pawn shops?

Give us a call at (910) 321-0500!

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Parker Pawn & Jewelry 101: Gold, Platinum and more

Welcome to Parker Pawn & Jewelry 101, where you will find helpful resources and guides for
jewelry and precious metals education. At Parker Pawn & Jewelry, we care about you and the
value of your items on both sides of the pawn shop business, and we want all of our customers
to be educated on the pieces they choose to pawn, buy or sell. Whether you’re looking to
purchase an engagement ring for the first time, or have old, unwanted family heirlooms to sell,
let Parker Pawn & Jewelry 101 guide and educate you through the process.

We have certified Goldsmiths on staff who assess, inspect, and polish the jewelry we sell in our
stores in addition to trained appraisers behind the pawn shop counters who are ready to answer
any questions you may have.

We believe that the more you know, the more confident you will feel about your transaction with
us. Please, browse through our resources, give us a call or stop into the store nearest you to learn

Precious Metals


Gold and precious metals make jewelry into beautiful masterpieces to be worn for the world to see. Keep your jewelry beautiful by learning more about the metals that make it that way.

To determine the karat gold used in a piece of jewelry, check its markings, also called its hallmark. This is usually found on the inside of the shank or the underside side of a pendant, earring or bracelet. The traditional hallmark uses the gold purity percentage. Modern hallmarks are simply stamped with the karat weight.

The color of gold is determined by two factors, the type of metal alloys included and the percentage of each metal alloy.

  • Yellow Gold: pure gold mixed with a little silver and copper for a warm look
  • White Gold: pure gold is combined with palladium and silver or with nickel, copper and zinc. Rhodium plating improves whiteness and durability.

White gold is the sturdiest of the colored golds, which is why it’s frequently used in prongs in diamond settings.

  • Rose Gold: pure gold plus copper. The more copper, the redder the metal.
  • Green Gold: yellowish green in appearance, pure gold plus silver


Platinum is a silvery, white metal with a soft hue that’s extremely rare and considered more precious than gold. It is much heavier than gold as well and does not tarnish or oxidize. Because of its hardness, the details on intricately engraved or embellished rings look sharper and more precise when done in platinum.

As with other metals, platinum is commonly mixed with other metals when used in jewelry pieces. However, for a piece of jewelry to be labeled as Platinum, it must meet a minimum level of purity. Platinum in jewelry is 90% to 95% pure, which brings out the beauty of diamonds set in platinum engagement rings. Normally, platinum pieces can be identified by a stamp with PLAT.

Sterling Silver

Pure silver, also called fine silver, is relatively soft, very malleable and easily damaged, so it is commonly combined with other metals to produce a more durable product. Sterling silver can range from bright white to grayish white and can have a matte or shiny finish. It is usually combined with other metals such as copper to boost its strength. Sterling Silver must contain at least 92.5% pure silver, which is why it’s stamped .925

Other Metals

Stainless Steel: Shiny and strong, stainless steel rings can be polished to take on many different looks, from matte to chrome.

Titanium: Titanium is a natural element and can be black, silver, grey or white in color. It is the hardest natural metal in the world. Though it is lightweight, titanium is the strongest and most scratch resistant metals available for wedding rings, but it cannot be resized once made.

Tungsten Carbide: a steel gray, white or black metal whose strength and high melting point makes Tungsten a favorite in the arms industry. It is harder than gold alloys and is hypoallergenic. It is the most popular alternative metal for men’s wedding bands, but cannot be resized.

Palladium: One of the rarest metals in the world, Palladium is a member of the platinum group of metals. These metals are referred to as noble metals due to their superior ability to withstand corrosion and oxidation.

Cobalt: Made from a highly durable alloy, cobalt is 4x harder than platinum, but is less dense. Cobalt alloy is a bright white metal, giving it the appearance of platinum. Because of its natural hardness, cobalt jewelry is extremely scratch, chip and corrosion resistant. It is also hypoallergenic, making it an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin.

Tantalum: This is the newest addition to contemporary metals and is highly scratch resistant and hypo allergic. Naturally a blue-grey metal, tantalum is 99% pure and coated with a ceramic glaze that gives the metal a matte black finish.

Parker Pawn & Jewelry is your go-to pawn shop in the Fayetteville area for precious metals, jewelry, musical instruments, and a wide selection of electronics. Do you have jewelry you want to exchange for cash? Parker Pawn is the best place to sell broken, scrap or unwanted jewelry. And best of all, we promise to pay the most cash on the spot. Parker Pawn & Jewelry will help you with all your needs! Visit us online at or visit one of our storefronts in Fayetteville and Spring Lake. Give us a call today at (910) 321-0500.

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Summer Jewelry Care

Nothing is better than diamonds sparkling in the sun. But many of the things we love most about summer can be a bit tough on jewelry. Follow these simple tips to keep your jewelry shining all summer long.


Before you dive into a pool, ocean or hot tub, take off your jewelry and put it in a safe place. Your diamonds don’t mind a dip but chlorine and salt can damage or discolor gold and silver and some gemstones.

Since your fingers swell in the heat but shrink in cold water, it’s more common than you would thing to have a ring slip off in the water. And looking for your ring or earrings in the surf or sand is a pretty lousy way to spend a day at the beach.


A scrub with sand might be great for your toes but for your jewelry, not so much.  The abrasion can scratch the metal and embedded sand can loosen your setting.  So leave your jewelry at home or leave the sandcastles to the kids.


If you want to keep your jewelry shining, take it off before you rub on sunscreen and lotions. Lotions have chemicals that leave a greasy film on your jewelry and cloud your gems.  It’s harder to scrub it off than to keep it from building up in the first place!


It’s hot and sweaty out there! Make sure salt from your skin doesn’t stay on your jewelry. Wipe each piece with a soft damp cloth after you wear it to remove any residue before you put it away.  It will be ready for you to wear the next time.


Hey, summer happens! When your jewelry gets messy, clean it with dish soap and water. You can also take it to your jeweler and have it professionally cleaned at the end of the summer.  Ask your jeweler to check and make sure that all the prongs are tight so you don’t lose a gem.

Now that your gold jewelry is clean and ready for the summer, all that’s left to do is wear it! If you’re looking for unique gold jewelry to purchase and wear, or if you’re looking to sell your gold jewelry, Parker Pawn & Jewelry will help you with all your needs! Visit us online at or visit one of our storefronts in Fayetteville and Spring Lake. Give us a call today at (910) 321-0500.

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Gold Jewelry and Loans for Spring

We understand what an uncertain time it is right now in the world. As an essential business, Parker Pawn & Jewelry’s 3 locations remain open for you!

If you need some extra cash to get you by, we offer cash loans on almost anything of value. Do you have gold jewelry just lying around your house collecting dust? It can be traded for cash at our stores, which can help you get by while you’re waiting for your stimulus check.

While we’re all working from home, you may need extra tools or laptops to finish up the home to-do list you’ve been putting off and get access to work for the entire family! We have plenty of options available for electronics and tools at great prices. 

We understand that it is essential to stay home right now and maintain a healthy social distance, so we’re also offering local shipping and curbside pickup to our customers. If you need shipping outside of the local area, give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate your request!

If there’s something special you’re looking for, like a special gold jewelry piece for Mother’s Day, give us a call at 910-321-0500 or send us a message on Facebook. With our large inventory, we are sure to have the gold jewelry, electronics, tools, or other items you need while you stay at home.

During this stay at home order, you can also access our inventory through our free Mobile Pawn App that you can use to make loan or layaway payments and even request extensions so you don’t have to stress about losing your items during these uncertain times.

We’re here to help. Call or drive by one of our three locations in Fayetteville and Spring Lake locations. Most importantly, stay safe!

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Come See the Jewelry Selection at Parker Pawn and Jewelry

The two top reasons why people come into pawn shops are that they want to pawn or sell their items to the store or they are looking for a great deal on popular items. The most popular items that are sought after in a pawn shop are electronics, phones, tools and jewelry. At Parker Pawn & Jewelry in Fayetteville and Spring Lake, North Carolina, we have a wide selection of all of these items and more! With Mother’s Day and wedding season coming up soon, our jewelry selection is the perfect place to find the perfect gift for the special ladies in your life.

Parker Pawn & Jewelry buys and sells all kinds of jewelry. Currently, our jewelry inventory includes everything from diamond rings to men’s designer watches. We have several beautiful pendant necklaces available, and a sizable inventory of gorgeous rings. Parker Pawn only sells high quality jewelry pieces. We have many 14 karat gold pieces, many set with diamonds and other valuable gemstones like sapphire and ruby. We sell jewelry pieces from such designers as Michael Kors and Diesel, among other reputable names in jewelry and watches. Parker Pawn & Jewelry carries a jewelry selection that satisfies both men and women. Our jewelry prices are some of the best around!

If you have a special occasion coming up and you are looking for an amazing piece of jewelry or a designer watch to celebrate it, Parker Pawn & Jewelry is the place to look. We have two locations in Fayetteville and one in Spring Lake. You can find exquisite jewelry at all of our locations, or check out our Ebay page to shop from the comfort of your home.

Parker Pawn & Jewelry is always looking to add to our jewelry inventory. Do you have high quality jewelry that you no longer want and you would like to sell? Bring your jewelry into one of our pawn shops and let us appraise it for you. You could walk out of Parker Pawn with money in your pocket! Of course, you may want to use that money to buy one of our amazing jewelry pieces for sale.

Do you have questions about how to sell jewelry at Parker Pawn & Jewelry? Give us a call at (910) 321-0500.

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5 Reasons to Shop at Parker Pawn & Jewelry this Holiday Season


Visit Parker Pawn & Jewelry To Learn More About Our Holiday Loans

The holiday season has arrived, and what that typically means to the average consumer is lots of crowded stores, overspending, and the additional financial burdens of Christmas. Unfortunately, most people fail to consider holiday loans.

At Parker Pawn & Jewelry, we offer several solutions to keep you on budget and in charge of your holiday spending. 

Save Money

Whether you’re looking for something gold and shiny for your significant other or equipment for the do-it-yourselfer, Parker Pawn & Jewelry has you covered. We have many brand name electronics and power tools to check off everyone on your list. Our prices are much more affordable and enjoyable than retail. We have several locations in Fayetteville and Spring Lake. We even have an Ebay store for the stay at home shoppers. 

Better Deals on Gold and Jewelry

Contrary to popular belief, used gold is often a better bargain than new retail. Under the bright lights of your favorite jewelry department store are the hefty prices associated with designer jewelry. The price you’ll get is simply an unnecessary expense due to name recognition. At Parker Pawn & Jewelry, the prices we offer are solely based on the market rate of gold, other precious metals, and gemstones. We even offer holiday loans to help cover the expense of gifting something special to someone special. So come check out our selection. 

Discounted Electronics

If you’re shopping for electronics this year come see the selections at Parker Pawn & Jewelry. We have a larger selection of used and discounted electronics that have plenty of life left. Most of our electronics are in like new condition and backed by warranties. With plenty of items to choose from at each location you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. 

Better Bargains on Power Tools

We all have do-it-yourselfers on our lists and they’re usually difficult to shop for. New tools are generally pricey. At Parker Pawn & Jewelry, we have a vast selection of tools that are reasonably priced. Should you need a few items to grab, we’ve got you covered. Learn about our holiday loans to help you cover the costs.

Holiday Loans

Need cash? Whether it’s for gifts or to decorate, Parker Pawn & Jewelry is the go-to in Fayetteville, North Carolina for holiday loans.  Parker Pawn & Jewelry offers top dollar loans as well as offering the most cash for your gold and jewelry. 

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